Sunday, July 19, 2009

Penang- Self Cooked Egg Wrap Chicken

Is Sunday, woke up late, miss my 油炸鬼 and 豆浆水session i had planned before i slept yesterday! What a day, nothing much to do, no movies to go for, still having phobia from the terrible and horrible harry potter movie i watched on Saturday. So, i online since i wake up until dinner time. The only thing i can think of to kill my time is to cook myself a meal.
Marinated chicken breast meat with 排骨王 sauce + butter.

After few hours, the marinated meat was given a mild fry.

Rice prepared but over estimated for 1 person. haha!

Meat was well cooked.

Egg frying session. Looks like a capati.

Weeee~ success! Golden yellowish crispy fried egg.

Stuffed the chicken meat into the "capati" egg wrapper.

Tada~!! My self made Egg Wrap Chicken dinner. Is sort of too simple, but just wanted to share with you guys n girls my own happiness and satisfaction.

Consider a piece of 成就感 during this Penang stay so far. Is tough to cook with limited accessories in the kitchen :(

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Anonymous said...

Ok ya, not bad, u also can serve with chili sauce, next time u fried the rice 2gether then will look like nasi pataya dy ^-^ (eunice)