Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie Marathon in Penang

My wonderful Saturday 10.30am began with:

Location: Cinema

Me: Can you give me 11.40am "On his majestic secret service"?
GSC girl: How many tickets you want?
Me: One.
GSC girl: ok (-.-"). There you go, that will be RM 9.
Me: Em, em, i still have tickets wanted to purchase.
GSC: oh ok. (she watching me browsing on my phone list)
Me: Can you give me ONE ticket for 2.30pm "G.I.JOE"?
GSC girl: ok (-.-"" + o.o). Any more?
Me: Can you give me ONE ticket for 5.55pm "District 9"?
GSC girl: ok (-.-"""+ O.O). Any more?
Me: that's it. thanks.
GSC girl: That will be RM 27. ty. enjoy your movie.

(At this moment, she must be thinking i am a nuts appearing at her counter in the early morning)

These were my Marathon passes :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Penang- Freezer Natural Scene

When i opened my freezer cover =.= 1st word coming out from my lips was "wtf". Obviously, i do not know what does it looks like, just feels quite annoying blocking the freezer entrance :p up for your imagination since it just happened naturally in my freezer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Penang- Putu Mayam

Last night, my dinner was a packet of mix rice, self boiled 2 eggs, 1 apple and 1 packet of putu mayam. My food feast started at 8.30pm until 12.00am. It has been a long time i have not been eating in such a big portion, no longer that young already. I roughly remember my last time having putu mayam was around 6-8 years ago. Missing it deeply!

Superb fresh on the spot made putu mayam + coconut shreds + grinded dark sugar

RM1.20 for 2 pieces of Putu piring, i thgouth it will be very thin for a piece (KL size), never know in penang it was so thick, accidentally i bought 4 pieces. It was so cheap, RM 2.40 only!

smooth grinded tiny dark sugar + fresh coconut shreds

closer look
Putu piring + grinded tiny dark sugar + fresh coconut shreds = AWESOMENESS!

Location: Chai Leng area, an indian mobile hawker
Further infomation on putu mayam: