Monday, July 27, 2009

Penang- 600 cc at Sunway Carnival Mall

After few visits to 600cc at Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang. Here are some random photos.
Environment: Peaceful and quiet
Food: Have varieties of food in the menu (i think those i tried only 1% of overall)
Taste: Abit taste like house dishes, acceptable and delicious.

Cute little Moo Moo logo :)

Bubble Bubble Bubble~ As for set meal, there will be a so called free bubble tea as beverage. (sure counted in la, where got such big "gat" "na" jumping around)

Taiwan Fillet set (fillet + crab meat + chicken floss + salted vege).

Crispy fried fish steak + rice set.

Crispy chicken steak + rice set.

More on 600cc will be updated again during my future visits. It is worth trying at this shop since the dishes that are being served there are consider to be of a balance meal.

*thanks to BH for the grammars and vocab correction :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Penang- Fruitful Breakfast

It was a weekday morning, i was having breakfast with my colleagues at Lean Gaik shop again. After ordering our food, suddenly a man came by selling currypuff. Why he came AFTER i made my order! The puffs were extremely tempting, my lips immediately turn dry and i kept sticking my tongue out licking it, drooling after seeing it. OK FINE! "Tauke, give me two puffs"

There you go~ my dearly sweetie sweetie "temptation puffs". They were still warm and fresh. The crispiness can be easily detected by sight.

NGaumm, yummy! The filling has potato, spices, egg. Worth for the money i paid, it only cost RM 1.50 each!

Here came our breakfast set. What do you call this, i think is American breakfast.

Next was bread toast with strawberry jam and kaya.

Thanks to the crazy tasty puff, my friend and i were in deep shiX, our stomach were over limit, nearly burst. It was really a FRUITFUL breakfast we had, no regrets!

Location: Lean Gaik shop (at Chai Leng area)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Penang- Self Cooked Egg Wrap Chicken

Is Sunday, woke up late, miss my 油炸鬼 and 豆浆水session i had planned before i slept yesterday! What a day, nothing much to do, no movies to go for, still having phobia from the terrible and horrible harry potter movie i watched on Saturday. So, i online since i wake up until dinner time. The only thing i can think of to kill my time is to cook myself a meal.
Marinated chicken breast meat with 排骨王 sauce + butter.

After few hours, the marinated meat was given a mild fry.

Rice prepared but over estimated for 1 person. haha!

Meat was well cooked.

Egg frying session. Looks like a capati.

Weeee~ success! Golden yellowish crispy fried egg.

Stuffed the chicken meat into the "capati" egg wrapper.

Tada~!! My self made Egg Wrap Chicken dinner. Is sort of too simple, but just wanted to share with you guys n girls my own happiness and satisfaction.

Consider a piece of 成就感 during this Penang stay so far. Is tough to cook with limited accessories in the kitchen :(

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Penang- Curry Mee and Pork Ribs Rice (排骨王饭)

Lunch at Chai Leng area, Penang.

Spicy curry + spicy chili paste = delicious spicy spicy curry mee!

Tender and juicy pork ribs meat + crispy fried egg = happy lunch!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Penang- Yam rice for lunch

Lunch time! Where to eat? Of course is near apollo area. WHY? because is near to working place -.-" eat faster back to work faster. That's life. lol.. HELL NO, besides tat reason, this shop really selling delicious yam rice + pepper soup + pork ingredient.

Fresh orange juice as my starter :)

Look at the spicy chili paste, is so thick!

Yam rice. See it also drooling, smell it you will never forget it, taste it you will fall in love with it.

Pepper soup with juicy pork meat + pork internal organs. yummy...

No joke, is a finger licking satisfied lunch.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penang- Dinner near apollo area

In a hawker center, there was this stall hiding among numerous of other stalls. I saw alot of peoples ordering it, when i went to glance through the ingredient, nothing much special, so i was wondering, in the end i gave it a try.

Deng Deng Deng. Quite a common mee with chicken slices, char siew and minced meat. Is quite tasty, i still cant figure it out why so many people eating it. Really do not know how to explain the feel of eating it, give it a try if you are here in Penang. You won't regret.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brunch in Penang

Brunch time~ as promised, i went back to the same shop (Lean Gaik) in my previous post to have my meal.

Very kao milo ais!
Tasty coffee!

Hokkien Lor Mee

Lor Mee

Soya Based Pork Leg

Clearer view on the tempting juicy meat~

A list of the shop menu :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Business Trip in Penang

Here are some random photos during my business trip at outstation :)
View from my apartment

Penang here i come again!!

Konlow Mee near a market (my dinner 1/2)

Loh Mee near a market (my dinner 2/2). Muahaha, i ate both for my dinner.

Bento box for my another dinner. Wth, come so far from kl but eat at sushi king. LoL.

Roller skating with my colleagues at Queensbay mall. Good experience! 1st time skating on solid ground instead of ice.

Terriyaki Chicken + taufu + tauke at Feringgi for dinner after a great skating session.

This was really a "FANTASTIC" dinner hawker at Chai Leng area.

These damn dishes cost us RM14++.
Service quality= 2/10
Overall, these dishes still get a 10/10 which is call "tasteless". My advice is, there are still alot of improvement space for your dishes. all the best!
Somehow, from this stall, i was able to see the determination of few little boys handling the business by themselves. Their passion and teamwork was great. This is the ONLY portion i salute them.

Great shop, luckily we passed by during our search for our brunch at Chai Leng area again.

Breakfast set 1

Breakfast set 2

Hokkien Dry Mee. This shop still serve other dishes, i will certainly pay another visit to this shop again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July Life

What has happened to my Day 3 in Penang? LoL, i guess it has been swallowed by my tight working schedule. Life was rafting here and there since 25th of June, no longer living comfortably with such a low amount of income. Big spender? No, i am not! i am just saving money :(
Doesn't matter, life still goes on, most important, i still doing what i am interest with and with my great team of colleagues. Something came across my mind after being so sick of this working society, now i understand one thing, work for your interest instead of work for money.(no money also cannot!)
Is quite enjoyable traveling around while working. Experiencing long HOURS of drive, different cultures, different attitudes of human. So far so good although everything still not yet settle down. Is quite sad though when got the news that 2 colleagues resigned, wondering how many going to join the resign trend in the coming months. Better cross my fingers for that.
Wish me luck peoples for the July life and so on and so forth, great great great challenges ahead~ weee~ work and learn forever~ (truly a sick brainwashed workaholic sample) :)
Blog update will still goes on whenever i am free.
Current location: Penang