Monday, July 27, 2009

Penang- 600 cc at Sunway Carnival Mall

After few visits to 600cc at Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang. Here are some random photos.
Environment: Peaceful and quiet
Food: Have varieties of food in the menu (i think those i tried only 1% of overall)
Taste: Abit taste like house dishes, acceptable and delicious.

Cute little Moo Moo logo :)

Bubble Bubble Bubble~ As for set meal, there will be a so called free bubble tea as beverage. (sure counted in la, where got such big "gat" "na" jumping around)

Taiwan Fillet set (fillet + crab meat + chicken floss + salted vege).

Crispy fried fish steak + rice set.

Crispy chicken steak + rice set.

More on 600cc will be updated again during my future visits. It is worth trying at this shop since the dishes that are being served there are consider to be of a balance meal.

*thanks to BH for the grammars and vocab correction :)

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