Friday, July 24, 2009

Penang- Fruitful Breakfast

It was a weekday morning, i was having breakfast with my colleagues at Lean Gaik shop again. After ordering our food, suddenly a man came by selling currypuff. Why he came AFTER i made my order! The puffs were extremely tempting, my lips immediately turn dry and i kept sticking my tongue out licking it, drooling after seeing it. OK FINE! "Tauke, give me two puffs"

There you go~ my dearly sweetie sweetie "temptation puffs". They were still warm and fresh. The crispiness can be easily detected by sight.

NGaumm, yummy! The filling has potato, spices, egg. Worth for the money i paid, it only cost RM 1.50 each!

Here came our breakfast set. What do you call this, i think is American breakfast.

Next was bread toast with strawberry jam and kaya.

Thanks to the crazy tasty puff, my friend and i were in deep shiX, our stomach were over limit, nearly burst. It was really a FRUITFUL breakfast we had, no regrets!

Location: Lean Gaik shop (at Chai Leng area)

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