Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GREAT weekend

This was one of my weekend where i spent my time at ZEN in mid valley while my friends were watching their movie. The place was so comfortable and the atmosphere was just nice for people like me to have a own space to deal with my stuff.
My lovely "Organic English Breakfast Tea" accompanied me for hours. Honestly, the tea taste nice without any sugar added in.
I love this place!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy daySS

It has been awhile since my last update >.<
I am trying to update asap by this weekend.
Robot life really like a routine everyday!
Sorry my dear readers. ^^

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fullhouse at 牛车水

It was the last day for us to hang out together since our oversea colleagues will be going back after the training ends. It was a rainy day, the rain continuous drizzling for hours and hours. The childhood song has no effect on it. A lot of venues we thought of were closed due to the rain. In the end, we went to Fullhouse which was a lifestyle store co cafe.
Simple yet attractive entrance~

*Mehhzzzzzz* 2 little sheep were at the staircase welcoming our present.

Left view of the upstairs' store.

Middle view of the upstairs' store.

Right view of the upstairs' store.

1 fierce little puppy and 4 little poor teddies.
Puppy: Grrrrr, Woooofffff!
Teddies: *sobs* *trembling*

(=.= Sorry for the dumb imagination i had created)

Time for the main topic~ FOOD~
Carbonara Spaghetti with beef bacon and mushroom with rich cream.
Gamberi Spaghetti with tiger prawn, garlic and chili and olive oil.
The Fullhouse Club Sandwich with grilled chicken, crisp bacon, turkey ham and cheese.
Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti with Bolognese meat sauce.
Pan Sear Doly Fish with siew pak choy, sauteed mushroom & lemon grass cream.
Wok Sear Chicken Chop served with mashed potato & daily vegetable.
Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken.

*honk* *honk* time to say bye bye to Fullhouse.

The atmosphere was absolutely comfortable and romantic for couples. At the same time, the food was well cooked and presenting a unique aromatic taste and smell. Most important, the price of the food/ beverages are affortable. But for the selling items, kinda over priced. Peoples with shopaholic attitude~ be careful of your wallet/purse~

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Let me PROUDLY introduce you a quite interesting restaurant when you see from outside.
These were what i have ordered:

Vongale Pasta
Beef Bolognese PastaHam and Mushroom Pizza

The food LOOK very nice right!!??? so well cooked and so well decorated!!

My score:
Appearance: 8/10
Taste: 1/10
Tasteless: 9/10

(The dishes just do not suit my taste, i am picky, very picky, NOTHING to do with the restaurant)

*p/s: I NEVER say the food is not nice, i just blaming on my picky tongue, so do not come to SUE me!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boston Baru Klang

Gorgeous food at Boston Baru coming up!
Will post it on Sunday, today is too late, i just came back from wedding dinner.

It was Friday again, time to hang out and relax! My colleague and I went to Restaurant Boston Baru in Klang town to have our seafood dinner. The location of the restaurant is just opposite Kamdar building.
The boss and the staffs were all very polite and friendly. The service was great! (Indeed is much better than some of those modern restaurant, i am mainly referring to a Korean cuisine restaurant at AEON in my previous post *here*. Do not misunderstand, Daorae is awesome!)

Our lovely dishes were as following:
Mandarin: 红烧鱼片
English: Stewed Fish Fillet
Mandarin: 清蒸拉拉
English: Steamed Clam
Mandarin: 署粉面
English: "Sticky" Mee (Let me know the name of it if you know it)
Mandarin: 奶油赖尿虾
English: Butter "Urine" ShrimpMandarin: 炸章鱼
English: Deep Fried Octopus

All the savory dishes were crazily great. *drooling* *drooling* *drooling*~
The total bill was even more acceptable and reasonable! It was only RM 82 (5 dishes + 5 plate of rice + 1 pot of Crysanthanum tea)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pasta Zanmai, Bowling, Laundry!

It was a lovely Friday, every working robots love Friday! It was a day where robots were granted with late night sleep or long period rest for the following few days. So, my colleagues and i planned to have a night outing after work. During our training, we had colleagues from oversea such as Philippines, Vietnam, China and Vietnam, so we wanted to bring them for experiencing our local night life. First of all, we went to Pasta Zanmai located at 1Utama shopping center. It was a worth going japanese casual pasta restaurant.
This is my Hamburg to Kinoko no Meat Sauce! It was really fantastic, the beef was so juicy and tender. Nevertheless, the Japanese mushroom meat sauce was awesome. Really no point looking at my words, you really need to try it by your own. I never regret for having such enjoyable dinner!
This is my friend's Chicken Katsu no Meat Sauce.
There were still others, but i only managed to capture these 2 dishes due to my absent to ATM machine when their dishes came. I missed around 8 types of them!!!
I promised myself that i will visit Pasta Zanmai more often to try on other tempting dishes!
Next event was bowling session. It has been a long time for me to join 11, yes, ELEVEN peoples playing bowling together. We yell and scream with joy even we got 8 pins down during the games. If anyone of us got a spare or strike, it was like a big party mood. All of us had a great moment!
It was ONLY 10pm+ after our bowling session, the night was still SO young! So, we decided to go to Laundry at The Curve to have a cup of tea. Our tea session ended up with all kinds of alcoholic drinks and accompanied by great music. Guess what i have ordered? "ANS: ALICE IN WONDERLAND". We had our "zero five" and "bunny bunny" games in Laundry. Those drinking and gaming moments were absolutely memorable. Honestly, i love it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ole Ole Bali

On the same day after my Jogoya lunch trip, i went to Ole Ole Bali at Mont Kiara for my dinner. It was a farewell dinner for Xiao Yao since she is going to pursuit her PHD soon. She is the first friend of mine that going for PHD level. Salute and happy for her! All the best in your study!Ole-Ole Bali trip begins~
Papaya Shake!
Honeydew Shake!
Cucumber & Passionfruit Mojito!
Longongrass Mojito!
Be Pasih Mepanggang
Nasi Campur Ole-Ole
Kambing Bumbu
Ole-Ole Grilled Prawns, Squid and Fish Pastas
Haha, notice anything funny? Sop Buntut~

Overall the dishes and beverages were unique and great.

Jogoya Visit

This was my following buffet strike. Kelvin and I had planned to go for Japanese buffet since our college days, yet the plan delayed till this day! Finally, we planned to go to Jogoya at Starhill for our Japanese buffet. It was the first day of Hari Raya Puasa, our journey began from Kelana Jaya LRT station, KL was so quiet and you can hardly see big crowd walking on the street. On the same day, it was our photo shooting session all the way from Kelana Jaya LRT station to Jogoya. Kelvin was playing with his beloved new gadget ( Canon EOS 1000d) and I was still on with my 3 years old Canon Power Shot A530. Alright, Jogoya journey begins.We reach Jogoya before 11.30am, we thought we were the first customers, we were wrong~ there were a few families in front of us. The price for lunch buffet was RM78++ per person, end up it will be around RM 90 after every tax.
For my beloved readers information:
Lunch- RM 78++
Late Lunch- RM 68++
Dinner- RM 88++
Supper- RM 78++
These were part of our dishes, i didn't post ALL the food photos or it will consume alot of my time. Some photos did not have description due to my forgetfulness of names, the wide varieties of food and most importantly that I had ONLY 2 hours for the buffet! (to be honest, 2 hours are too SHORT for taking food, eating food and photo shooting)
(anyone can tell me the name of the above dish?)
Fresh oyster!
Raw fishes and sushi!
Black and white egg, pumpkin, prawn and baby lobster meat.
Ginseng soup! This was real nice!
Scallop siu mai & Prawn chu cheong fan!
Baby scallop!
Garlic and cheese toast of seafoods!
Fresh and juicy fish!
Seafood soup!
Caught a fresh prawn swimming in the soup!
Prawn and Salmon!

Jogoya really a place you should try and never miss out in your life. Everything inside is so fresh and up to standard. Although the price is slightly higher, but what you pay is really what you will get dining in Jogoya. If possible, get a Jogoya VIP card and you will be able to taste special dishes!