Sunday, May 10, 2009

Penang Trip Day 2

Day 2:

We slept late the night before, so we guys decided not to set any alarm until we woke up by ourselves. In the end, we got our morning call from the girls next door. Once everyone has prepared, we start our Penang journey again~

Breakfast at "wong chau jun" sour and spicy fish head mee hoon shop. My colleague introduced this location to us. Really thanks to her, we found great foods here.

Own made Taufu. It was really really having a very unique taste, something very different from normal taufu which can be purchase in any supermarket. The taste was like "undescribable", go try it out and you will know what i mean.

What a TINY LITTLE plate of fresh and well cooked green vegetables for SEVEN young growing stage youngsters.

Famous Sour and Spicy Mee Hoon with sliced fish meats.

Hor Fun (KL folks called it as Kuey Teow) with slices of fish again. Honestly, this dish was even much more delicious than the above Sour and Spicy Mee Hoon. You can feel the sense of fish meat and hor fun in every bites.

Fried prawn in salad sauce. Tasty and fresh mouth swimming prawn! This dish wasn't a big portion but it was able to flame up your desire for ordering the 2nd dish of it. The price for this dish was reasonable to fulfil the temptation.

Our lunch started after we purchased our cable car tickets at Bukit Bendera. My lunch started with a thirst quenching fountain. Nice ice kacang with a scoop of ice cream near a stall below kek lok si temple.

Fried mangkuang with tiny pieces of scramble eggs.

Another famous Asam Laksa near kek lok si temple. Can you see the ingredient? The tauke was so generous in fulfilling the customers' desire while earning a living! Try comparing this with KL asam laksa stalls (mostly), it was like the sky and the ground.

I believe these freaking gigantic tortoises were elder than me and you. They were real HUGE!
View in Kek Lok Si temple.

Shhhh.. silent please..

Famous Mochi/ Muar Chee stall near Kek Lok Si temple.

Reasonable price with good quality of peanuts "sand".

Dinner session at Batu Feringgi. Fried prawn with black pepper sauce!

Ikan bakar!!
Fried squid in sweet and spicy sauce!

Fried oyster with egg!

Chicken satay (breast meat)

Basically ALL the dishes at Batu Feringgi were perfect! It was a fruitful dinner! Penang i love you!

Day 3 will be continued soon. Stay tune.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Penang Trip Day 1

Day 1 Penang Trip

Departure time: 3am
Arrival time: 8.30am
It was really a LONG journey driving from KL to Penang.

Green Tea flavor doughnut for driver :)

Vanilla flavor doughnut for another driver :)

Dim Sum breakfast at a shop named "超X" at mainland. When i remember the name i will edit it again.
Chinese temple, 斗母宫 visit.

There was a lot of great rock sculptures having mostly the dragon design and god design.

Sort of look out point at the mainland where the opposite scenery is Penang Island!

Penang bridge under renovation, although it was only a bridge, somehow it was still a famous landmark for Malaysia. Near PJ area there is a smaller version of "Penang bridge" :)

Famous Cendol
Famous Asam Laksa

Seafood at Gurney Drive night hawker

Flower snails at Gurney Drive night hawker

Spicy Fried LaLa!
Fried Oyster + Egg

Fried Sotong, fish ball, and something very geli, try to guess~ is CHICKEN SKIN -.-'''

Day 2 of Penang Trip will be continue after i am back from my team building at A Famosa this weekend. Stay tune.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back on track for a moment

My dear friends,

I had a relaxing weekend last week, finally a short break for myself to escape from the pressure cooker. Feeling so great and refresh after a trip for 3 days 2 nights. Throughout this trip i saw a lot of different cultures, attitude of locals, lifestyles and most fascinating were the food varieties. I have been eating non stop all along the places. Where i have been? Hang on with my updates. More photos and further story will be posted once i free myself out from work again for 1 or 2 days since all the photos are still siting inside my camera. I have no time to transfer yet :(

Best Regards and love

Sign off
KJ :)