Monday, June 30, 2008

Dip Dip Dip

This was the Chocolate Dip at "Chocolate By The Bald Man Max Brenner". I felt a bit weird with the name, but it doesn't matter, the chocolate dip was really scrumptious. The moment the strawberry dipped with the melted chocolate, you are able to notice the strawberry yelling at you, "taste me! eat me! swallow me!". Gosh, the temptation was really out of mind and it tasted so great when the superb combination melted your heart and soul.
Delightful Chocolate mix waffle with strawberries, bananas and ice cream. This was not my order, so it was hard for me to describe how it attacked the stomach.
Strawberries did not satisfied the desire, so we ended up with Bananas dip with chocolate!

Unique Gelato

wooohoooo, spot any unique stuff anyone? It looks like a durian, taste just like a durian and smell just like a durian. Proudly present you, the DURIAN gelate on the top right!! I am not sure does Malaysia have that, but it was my 1st time eating it here.

Sick? have some of this

This was really something special that i noticed at the chocolate section. Medic Bar Chololate!! Nice packaging but dunno how does it taste like yet. The 50% his and 50% hers looks so funny, the percentage is so fair divided. LOL!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mt Buller Trip

Although it was quite unlucky that the 15cm of ice from the previous mountain report reduced to patches cm of ice but this was the master piece i able to make with those PATCHES of snow. LOL. Really a wonderful trip and it is definitely worth for the 3 hours journey.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chicken Attack

Hako's Terriyaki chicken was superb. Nothing much special but this dish was really different, the taste was really indescribable, it somehow tasted very unique. Gosh, don't know which type of animal will be attacked for the following days.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lamb Attack

This was the Marinated Lamb Fillets from The Oxford Scholar Hotel. The lamb was marinated with rosemary and garlic, served on a bed of Greek salad. It was really finger licking with no second thought.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beef Attack

Tasty steak at Warrook Cattle Farm, the meat was juicy, the sauce was delicious, the potato was well baked, the carrots and peas was so fresh. Really a lovely meal with the combo of 2 glasses of red wine. The salad was not my choice as it was quite raw and i feel like being a sheep munching the grass.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lunch Time!

Hungry hungry.. yum yum.. Mexican cuisine.. First time on a flight with a lot of empty seats. The place where i sit has 5 seats, a guy used up 3 out of 5 to sleep during the whole journey. Somehow i still has 2 seats, it was enough for me with such a big space to watch movies. Further update will be done in few days time, really busy right now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meal after Convo

Yummy, this was my chicken kebab with Mediterranean rice and potato salad! Stupid waitress/chef mistaken my kebab order, i asked for a mild flavor, in the end came up with extra hot peri-peri flavor! Really burning my throat and stomach, but it was really delicious and finger licking. Thumbs up for Nando's!
This was the next station after Nando's, dessert at Gelatissimo!! The choices were so many, decision was hard to be made since we had limitation of scopes. (Wish to taste all)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This was my friend, MK's convocation day! The convocation was held in TARC. It was her big big day, she was so happy on that day, her charming smile killed every photo we took. In the end, she told us her cheek was numb for maintaining hours of smile. I am so proud of her, happy to see her graduated! This was my first time attending a convocation of my friend, i love all those photo sessions with them, really had a great fun!

hahah... FREEDOM AT LAST!!!! (time to enter the cruel working world)

Sunshine Again

Demo done, redo thesis done, what else? Pray for everything to go fine, really hope i can graduate, tired of studying at this moment. Pray pray pray~ These few days i have not been updating my blog because need to rush for some stuff and need to meet up some of my friends, for those that i have not contact yet, please forgive me, i will find you all once i am back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


These few days i am sort of diverting my main reason for blogging. For my fellow readers that love to read my personal feelings in my blog, continue to enjoy. Meanwhile for my fellow readers that love to view and read meaningful photo, please bear with me for these few days. Thanks everyone for your support. Sounds serious? nah, don't worry, it is just that i am busy with my demo and thesis redo. Later at 1pm, lecturer will return my thesis to me and i will need to boost my mind and my working speed for the sake of finishing my redo thesis before Thursday morning. It sounds impossible, but i will just try since my time is limited.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Demo and Viva Session Tomorrow

Should i say FINALLY or should i say LUCKILY, which ever i don't think it is as well. Is just being UNLUCKY i should say, now my schedule is all messed up thanks to the delay on last Friday. There is no point blaming anyone at this stage, i have already no mood and no heart to present the piece of project which is TWO months ago. So, i will just spill out what i remember for the sake of getting through this. Blog will be updated after i settle the headache stuff, wish me best of luck k.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Surprise Gift

Present exchange session at 3am =.=" the timing was quite odd but everyone was enjoying.

This was my exchange gift from PS jie jie ( the fierce but very kind and caring jie jie), A SHAVER!!!

Night Outing

Since the party end at 11pm, the night was still young. So, a bunch of silly fella went down to Kl n Cheras n KL n Cheras. Know why? because wrong turning! 5 cars all lost together but it was quite fun having a group of friends traveling around. So, the destination ended up at "little genting", the road was dark, very dark but once you reached the top, you will be able to see the whole KL night scene, it was really breathtaking. On top of the hill, we went to Gasoline to have our meal, 20 peoples getting together to have a meal really a rare chance.

Strawberry shake will be my recommendation for my supportive blog readers for Gasoline at "little genting".

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lame Noon but Wonderful Rave Night

Lets start with a BIG BIG lame noon story first, suppose there was a demo on a group project in the noon, therefore everything had been set up nicely in the lab, clock ticking and ticking n ticking, we waited for hours for our supervisor and accessors to come, at 5.15pm we already tolerate enough for all the waiting, so we went downstairs to find the supervisor, guess what, he was having some sort of meeting at the admin office. Before we went down, we did we sms and call him, but none of it works, he didn't reply any sms, didn't accept any call. Come on peoples! no matter how busy you are or any important stuff turns up suddenly, will you inform those people that are waiting for you? OF COURSE you will right! If u can't make it in time, just inform us, in a group there are 4 people, means 4 mobile phone, can't you even contact anyone of us? If you are busy, then please do not set the demo time on the day, we do not mind that you inform us earlier for changing the date, do not make us wait and wait and wait and end up EMPTY!! kinda feel frustrated with such people. OK the end of the LAME story.

Now i start with something which is more interesting, on the same day, there was a rave party held in the MPH, sounds weird, sounds lame right, that was my first thought somehow, but turns out quite interesting yet memorable!
Kinda funny with the ticket, but "106" my lucky number!! know why? keep on reading.
This was what i get from the "106". My first time being so lucky, kinda happy although the present inside was nothing much.

Present containing voucher, Stabilo set, Celebrities Fitness 1 month entry, "Prom Night" buy 1 free 1 ticket, Adidas arm band, and 1 more is Adidas spray thing which i lost it somewhere else. Besides the lucky draw, it was a really fun night hanging around with my college friends. Since the party was held in a college, so everything is so CLEAN, no alcohol, no cig, this was my first time ever entering a rave with fresh air! During the dancing period, i was really amused by Aaron, he can dance well on the dance floor, really salute him, applause to the pure shuffle guy!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rolling Days

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun continuously repeating in our life and that ends up as a week and a month and a year. Summing up all those produce a life cycle, life is short right? It doesn't really matter if ones living his/her life worthily. Memories are always the best thing for keeping a person alive and providing the strength to live on. Good memories keep it for future recall, bad memories keep it as well for future guidance. Life ain't that bad after all IF SALARY INCREASES DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL WITH THE INFLATION. LoLx~

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Everyone has a shinning lamp in their heart, just follow the glowing rhythm and you will reach your destination. Life is always up and down, just follow your heart and no regrets when you recall back what you had did.

Sushi trip

Wonderful sushi trip at Shogun in Sunway Pyramid. The varieties of Japanese, Oriental, Western cuisines are awesome!! The price is definitely worth paying for such a grand meal. We must always treat our stomach nice, always treat it as a VIP or even VVIP, a happy meal will always bring joy to our life. Nevertheless, what can we do with the amount of money we spend on food and beverage nowadays with the market inflation and even worst, the petrol price!!! thats the worst news i received after having all those nice food stuffed in my stomach, during august is even worst, i heard that the price of petrol will range according to the variable market price!!!!! Hmm, guess thats not the main problem to wonder around first, food and beverage still come in first place :p

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Souvenir from Friend

Lovely Lovely, what a nice souvenir from Lang Tengah. Thanks jia yen. By the way, all the best in your coming exam, i am sure you are able to do well since you had prepared quite alot, we are sleeping yet you are studying, we are eating yet you are studying too, we are playing yet you are studying as well.

Sunshine Finally

Two weeks of darkness had reached an end. There goes the enemies, 4 were down and good luck to all the "knights" that had attended the battle field. On the last day, our beloved "priest" told us something, this is not the first time he mentioned those grandmother stories and those motivation speech, we had been trusted him for a long time, but every time he let us down, should we still believe him or should we just walk our own way. Frustration, Confusion and sadness hit us again. By this week, the story will has a better ending. Behold, all "knights", another strike and we will win the war once and for all.