Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miyako Visit

This was one of a great Japanese restaurant i had visited so far. I was having a buffet in it. The choices of food weren't that much, but for a meal they were just nice to fill the stomach with joy. Enjoying the taste and fulfilling the satisfaction is the most important moment while having our meal. Quantity is not a matter, but quality is a matter! If you are seeking for a buffet style Japanese restaurant with fine atmosphere and tempting food, i will suggest you to go to Miyako.

Below were some dishes i took:

Everything there were so fresh! A great place where you will never regret, worth for the price!

Price:7/10 (affortable if i go there once a while)

p/s: My rating was quite low due to my "tongue problem" since i came back from my trip. (Those who know me will know why :p)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Touching Moments

Today i came across Tzy Wen's blog, noticed some touching stories he managed to get from HERE. Really worth to visit and have a look in it. Spend some of your time to care for the China earthquake victims.

This is 1 of the story in it:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creative Photography with Canon

Live your Digital Dream with Canon

Korean Dinner

It was a funny shopping day, our 1st destination was Mid Valley, but sadly there wasn't much sales going on, it seemed that new season stuff has started. Without much hesitation, we headed to our 2nd destination which was Sunway Pyramid. After spending whole morning, afternoon and evening, we managed to obtain some harvest. Not that much, but happy enough. What was next? Of course, is DINNER! We went to Korean restaurant at Taipan in USJ to enjoy our meal.
I guess this was more interesting compare to the shopping harvest. This was my happiest moment of the day!

The restaurant's name was "Da Chang Jin". The employers and the employees spoke well in Korean. They were highly polite and having well manners.

There were 9 dishes of appetizers served. oh yes, NINE! Thats a lot. Most of them were having great temptation! Smell like superb and taste like superb.

This was my DOL SOT BIBIM BAB. It was a combination of mixed rice with various vegetables in the stone pot. It was a lovely delicious dish. The price was worth for it and you will never regret!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chocolate Dip

Why spend your time driving to a chocolate shop?
Why waste your time placing an order?
Why over pay on something cheap?
This is a way for you to experience economical, cheap, tasty, enjoyable moment.

Step 1: Purchase a good quality chocolate bar, break it into pieces in a bowl, heat up the pot.
p/s * must heat it together with water surrounding the bowl, you can try it without water, nyek nyek nyek~!

Step 2: Make sure the chocolate is fully melted.

Step 3: Prepare some favorite fruits of your choice. In this tour, i have chose apple.

Step 4: DIP the apple in the melted chocolate!

Step 5: Appreciate the outcome before tasting it.

Hope everyone have a great DIY chocolate dip tour. Live to eat, cheers~!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ChouChou Kumo

Due to dullness on Saturday, i browsed through a manga website, made a read on a randomly chose title. Surprisingly, i came across ChouChou Kumo Manga. There were 4 short stories in it:

1. Butterfly Cloud

2. Middle School - Less Than Love

3. Middle School - Man Hater

4. Middle School - The Cherry Blossoms Scatter

The stories were kind of too perfect, maybe it did happened on some of you, but no matter what, i am here to wish you all best of luck and fate to find your love ones.

ChouChou Kumo link


Friday was a wonderful day, everything was going so smoothly. The day began with signing contract with Huawei, and i am now Huawei employee! Thanks Jia Li for spending her time to interview me and explained the contract to me, a polite and friendly girl. Gosh, really happy to be able to join Huawei, since it was a high tech and world leading telecommunication company, i believe i am able to learn alot of new stuff from there. It is time for me to gain experience and fill up my knowledge as much as possible. Thank you Huawei! I love you!
During noon, i went for a medical check up for pre- employment at Twin Tower Medical Center. it was my first time doing such thing. Firstly, urine test, this was embarrassing, the bottle they gave was so small, then need to shoot in it, it was really funny! Next was blood test, a junior stuff poke the needle into my hand, but take her sweet time pulling the needle out, then a senior stuff see enough of that, she take over and complete everything in a split second, is torturing experiencing the first scene. Then so on and so forth of tests.

At night, i went to Selayang Mall with miss ai ai, another friend of us put us aeroplane. Somehow, it was a great experience going there to see a singer sing and sign event. The singer was Jam, do not ask me who is him, i do not know as well.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I have been out of photos, out of words, out of creativity due to the pressure of job hunting! Everything will come to an end on Friday 2pm, hope everything will go well. Will post my good news after tomorrow! My crazy morning, noon, evening, nights going to stop soon. Happy? Sad? Happy? Sad? Hmm, tomorrow i will come out with an answer. Keep on with me.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Do Not Try This At Home

Anyone spots anything special?

Ta Da~ Koala on STICK. Ouch~ doesn't it feels pain?

This is what happen when you get too tired.