Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Korean Cuisine (updated)

Coming up after my training exam.
Sleepless nights begin....

Proudly present to my supportive readers the long waited Korean cuisine post. Sorry for the delay due to my busy schedule. Lets begin our mouth-watering trip.

If you ever wanted to dine in a Korean BBQ Restaurant, lets think of DAORAE! It has a few branches in Malaysia, the one i went was the Kepong branch. I am going to share my enjoyable experience in Kepong branch at this moment. The minute we stepped into the restaurant, the restaurant owner and staffs welcome us warmly, it was really something amazing which you hardly able to see in this society nowadays.
(Why do i say so? i have just log a complain to a company handling Korean BBQ restaurant as well where one of the restaurant situated at AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre. What complain have i logged? pathetic customer service i ever experienced. Lets wait and see what will the company response to my email, i am really keen to know.)
Lets come back to the great cuisine!

Appetizer 1: Spicy white lobak soup. It was really refreshing after tasting it.

Appetizer 2, 3, 4 and so on~ LoL. These were tasty and generous servings. Wondering why i mention generous? We were allowed to refill for FREE! Tasty and refillable, where to get? Have you get your car key ready to drive to DAORAE? If you do, congratulations! If you haven't, just keep on reading my article, i am sure it will lead you to your car key and to DAORAE as well.

This was Kong-na-mul Guk-bab which consist of rice and bean-sprout in special oyster soup topped with an egg.
This was Kimchi Bok-um-bab which consist of Kimchi fried rice with fried egg.

This was one of our BBQ meat. I couldn't recall what was the name of it because it really look and taste much better than the photo in the menu!

BBQing the juicy meat!
BBQed meat ate together with vegetables, garlic and special sauce! What you should say? YUMMY!

Special treat by the restaurant owner. It was a plain Korean pancake. Do not mislead by my word "plain", although it was plain, but it was truely delicious! In the menu, there were 2 types of pancake, one was Kimchi-jeon and another was Pa-jeon! Can you imagine? Plain pancake already so tempting, what will you comment on the 2 types? Just go to DAORAE and feedback to me with your feelings.

These was our dessert. Watermelon, too ordinary? Not so fast, they were superb sweet! The shop really choose what is the best for the customers! ( i went another round of DAORAE trip after this, and the watermelon still so sweet!) They really have a good quality control!

These were the contacts and addresses of the DAORAE branches. Really hope you all enjoy your meal in DAORAE. Never try, never know, try, no lost.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Graduation! (part2)

After my photo session with my college best buddies. Now was the turn for my secondary school best buddies. We went to Desa Park City to have some outdoor shots. The place was really a great location for photo shooting!Yip Yip Hurray!!
Thank you my friends for being together with me all this while. Spending all our time during bitter, sour, sweet, salty etc etc moments.
(p/s: those who did not appear in my photo post, sorry because the photos REALLY do not have you all in (truth), but just to let you all know, you all are always in my heart)
My graduation present!!!!!! thanks daddy long leg =.='' hahahahhahah!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Graduation! (part1)

Finally, it is time for me to wear square hat~ I am happy, but not excited, because i need to work on the following day! Somehow, it was a great experience being one of the graduate in the convo! Eventually, after 3 years of stepping in this journey, now it has ended with satisfaction.

Crazily "cheap" convo ticket! i can't afford to invite more people, sorry guys n girls.

Simple, small, yet not simply, it still have some standard and looks simple grand.

This is me! (1st time showing my face in the blog).
p/s: Flower belongs to Pei Shan.

This is some of the photos of me and my college friends. Thanks a lot for all the guidance all this while my friends, really appreciate the friendship with you all, will never forget you all, keep in touch!
p/s: i did not post every single piece of photos. Yet to be edited for more photos. Today i am extremely exhausted.